Difference between A&A Works and Reconstruction of terrace house

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Definition of A&A Works


In recent times, homeowners will like to personalise their own house according to their way and standard of living.  Landed property like terrace houses and bungalows are often bought with most interior fittings done. But often times, the new homeowner will want to change its interior design to their own style of design. These minor changes done to the terrace house may be minor A&A works.

Addition & Alteration works (A&A), are minor renovation work changes to the existing façade of the house that does not affect the foundation and structure capacity of the house meaning no extra storey of house which are significantly heavier. Terrace house addition and alteration, Front carporch and backyard extension terrace house  works include renovation, maintenance, minor repair, and renovation of changing roofing, floor tiles, repainting and addition of ceiling and partition walls according to the Terrace house interior design.

A&A Works Vs Reconstruction Works

A&A works might be rather similar to reconstruction works, however there are vast difference by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore. A&A involves minor repair and renovation work whereas reconstruction is a massive rebuild and tearing down of whole building or best terrace house rebuilding in Singapore. The main difference is the extent of works of construction works to be done.The Terrace house rebuilding construction cost is calculated according to the rebuild an inter terrace in Singapore.

URA term a project to be reconstruction when the new project involves increasing 50% of the total existing gross floor area, if the structural elements that are removed of replaced adds up to more than 50% or more of the existing structural element.

Projects are also termed to be reconstruction if there is an increase in the building’s storey height, or if there is a change of landed dwelling house form, which involves turning a semi-detached house to a strata bungalow or 2 inter-terrace house, regardless of whether the works increases the GFA by 50%.

The construction project will be deemed as A&A works if It does not amount to 50% of the current house. Submission requirements are different for both types of construction process for maximize gross floor area, inter terrace house and cheap terrace house reconstruction.

The processing fees for A&A works inter terrace project will often be less that what it cost for reconstruction works, as most structural elements will be less likely to be affected.The best terrace house rebuilding, cheap addition and alteration works terrace and rebuilding landed property terrace work cost is calculated according to the needs of the project.

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