How much does it cost to renovate a landed house or a property in Singapore?

Landed Renovation in Singapore

There are several types of landed properties in Singapore. Be it a terrace, inter-terrace, semi-detached or good class bungalow. It is always an ambition for most Singaporean to achieve. For most Singaporeans, it might seem like just a dream because of the exorbitant price range for Landed Property Renovation Construction Cost. There is a difference cost of demolish and rebuilding a landed house in Singapore and  Terrace House or Landed Property Renovation services Ideas Singapore.

However, if you happen to have enough to afford, aside from purchasing the property. Then you should not need worry about the cost to renovate a terrace house, tear down and rebuild terrace houses and how much to rebuild terrace house Singapore.How much will it cost to renovate the house to what you like?

Costing using a normal terrace house as an example:

Most homeowners wants to have a breakdown cost of renovating their new landed property, as not all homeowners have friends whom are in the renovation and construction industry, thus it is always good for them to know the rough cost involved. The built-in or build up area of a terrace house is normally between 2000- 400 square feet.

In this chapter, we will be covering the rough estimate cost of ceiling, roofing, painting, flooring, carpentry, electrical and plumbing works of a new terraced house.

1)Ceiling Works

The cost of ceiling works in a normal terrace house are normally as follows.

  • False Ceiling works: $2.80 psqft (unit rate)

Based on a 2000 sqft house: $5600

2)Roofing Works

The most important thing about renovating a landed property is to change the existing roofing system as most roof will tend to be old and leakage will persist if not properly maintained.

The rough estimated cost of changing a new roof will be $5000-$8000 depending on the size of the roof.

3)Flooring Works

The cost of flooring will always be the most costly when renovating a terrace house. There are however many options to choose from:

Marble flooring: $13per square foot, the cost will be between $26,000- $39,000.

Parquet flooring: $10 per square foot, the cost will be between $20,000-$30000

Homogenous Tiles flooring: $9 per square floor, the cost will be between $18,000-$27,000

Vinyl Flooring: $6 per square foot, which will cost between $12,000-$18,000

Laminated Flooring: $4 per square foot, costing between $8000-$12,000.

Comparing most of the cost efficient like laminated flooring and vinyl flooring for design purpose, we will recommend the higher grade of flooring if you are intending to stay in the house for the long term. Flooring like marble and parquet will be a better investment as they are very durable in the long run.

4) Painting

The cost of painting the interior of a 2-3 storey terraced house will cost within the range of $3500-$4200 depending on the type of paint that you choose, some paint of better quality definitely comes at a higher price.

For the external façade of the house, it’s a more tricky part as most experienced painter will require scaffolding to paint the higher part of the building. This will come in the range of $8000-$11,000.

5) Carpentry

Carpentry works like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, feature wall, bathroom vanity cabinets and shoe cabinets are the main components of the aesthetics of the house.

Key unit rates for carpentry works

Kitchen Cabinets: $120-$150 Per Foot Run

Wardrobe: $230-$280 Per Foot Run

Feature Wall: $20-$30 Per Square Feet

Bathroom vanity cabinet: $120-$140 Per Foot Run

Shoe cabinets $120-$180 Per Foot Run

6) Electrical and Plumbing Works

The most overlooked cost for renovating landed property in Singapore is the electrical rewiring of your house as old electrical old wires have to go so that you do no experienced any sudden blackouts, the old water pipes often have to make way for new ones too as the water pipe will be rusty.

Setting aside $3000-$4000 for electrical rewiring and $2000-$2500 for a new house renovation will be a safe bet.

Total Costing for renovating landed properties

A basic renovation costing for renovating your new terrace will cost between $110,000 -$150,000 if you are looking for a minor changes and not extensive Addition and alteration (>$500,000) or Reconstruction of new landed terrace (>$800,000).

Always be ready to inform contractors to stay within your budget, so that contractors can give you the best advice for saving cost through materials and bulk purchases for Price to build a 3 storey house, Bungalow renovation and 3 storey and an attic rebuild in Singapore.

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