Office Reinstatement

What is office reinstatement?

When renting commercial property, there is always a term in contract agreement for tenant to reinstate the retail, commercial or office premise to its orginal condition before handing over back to the landlord.

When selling off commercial property, where the lease agreement usually spelled out in the terms and conditions of the lease contract and this is commonly name or term as Office Reinstatement. The general legal guideline or directory is to return the property to what it was when you take over, restore or reinstate for smooth handover back to the landlord.

What are the Office Reinstatement tasks involved?

Office reinstatement often covers works like building works, M&E, plumbing,ceiling, tiling and painting works.

  • Removal of Workstations or cubicles
  • Removal of floor finishes
  • Removal/hacking of wall partition or construction
  • dismantling of ceiling top works/cornices
  • remove existing interior fixed cabinets or furniture
  • Removal of Mechanical, Electrical, tel and Computer network data wiring installation
  • Painting and touch ups
  • Carpets removal if any
  • Install original Window curtain or blinds fitting or light fittings
  • Removal of any wall sign, posters or pictures or signage.
  • Dismantling of Office air-conditioning or security alarm system
  • Dismantling of water Sprinkler Fire security systems
  • Repair or replace any faulty Electrical power switches, doors, windows or walls & others
  • Removal of Kitchen/Pantry
  • Removal of office furnitures such as Office table, Office Chairs as required

It is a requirement to restore or get the Office premise back to it’s original design, state or condition when you first took over like a stock car in original condition when you first purchased. There may be a need to build the original wall, partition or room if you had modified the layout in the office renovation.

The completed Office reinstatement will be followed by a direct inspection or view by the land lord or owner to ensure the property reinstatement is up to their expectation before they took over the Office premise.

The other key message you are delivering behind the Office reinstatement is that you are a responsible tenant who had done your part to take care of their property and return it back in good shape which registers a lasting impression to the partners/owners. This may set stage for future lease or business opportunities!

We understand and anticipate that most businesses may be overwhelmed with all the works involved in the Office Reinstatement projects in Singapore and has little clue where to start and how to manage, especially with limited timeline and budget.

Wish to have a hassle free Office reinstatement? Search or find no further, THREE E BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD, WITH 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE  has a team of experienced office reinstatement specialist & contractors who are the experts to service & work closely with you at your home site to plan and ensure a smooth and flawless handover with an empty and open space, at minimal cost. 

We will start the planning with a comprehensive checklist of to-do items with a structured and systematic approach, provide a road map of time schedules & task to guide and complete the office reinstatement fast. We may work with your relevant building Management Office or public HDB offices on guidelines or policy to submit or apply any form or documents or permit required for office reinstatement. Rest assured that your project is in good hands and we will be on top of all the office reinstatement task!

We strive to provide the best, most cost effective and efficient end to end services & renovation to minimise potential disruptions to your business operations. We quote to ensure you, our value customers,  pay the price for the jobs that is required ONLY for the reinstatement. We can also offer advice on what office furniture/product can be use or re-use to save cost.

Let us work with your company to achieve a Successful Transition and Office Reinstatement. We are also able to add as a package a holistic solution or service with the new installation of new office if you are moving into new premises or location which requires Office Reno.

Be assured that we will be there for quality post reinstatement support should there be any misses or overlook which should be unlikely. Check our website, contact or email us now for a no-obligation discussion or help on your needs and a FREE quotation. We also do Retail Shop or commercial property reinstatements, all enquiries are welcome.

Our Office Reinstatement service rates in Singapore are competitive and reasonable, call us AT 91038088 TODAY FOR A FREE NON OBLIGATORY QUOTATION!

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