Restaurant Reinstatement Singapore

If you are looking for restaurant reinstatement services, then you are in the right place. We have the best solution for your reinstatement work. If you are closing your restaurant or shifting to a new location, then you must be worried about reinstatement costs. However, three builder contractors are here to help you out. We fully understand the short notice and rush you might be dealing with handover your rented restaurant space to your landlord. For restaurant reinstatement, we have to look after various aspects that include cleaning out the debris, replacing damaged tiles, windows, doors, etc., remove renovated decoration, repairing damaged electrical lines, fixing water leakages, removal of cooling/heating units, and various other. We also offer interior painting so that you can restore the space in its original shape. The rate of restaurant reinstatement depends on the location of your restaurant, the complexity of the renovation done after renting the space, size of the unit, time allocated for reinstatement, damages done to the property, replacing accessories, or any other special demand by the tenant or landlord. We offer our premium restaurant reinstatement Singapore services at very affordable rates so that you can move on to your new venture with a relaxing mind.

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