Shopping Mall Reinstatement Singapore

Lending a shop in a shopping mall can really boost your office. However, if you are looking to change your location in a shopping mall or simply wants to shift your shop in another shopping mall, you may have to reinstate your shop before leaving it. While renting most of the shops, a clause of reinstatement is added in the contract which bound a person to restore the shop in its original shape before leaving it. Cheap reinstatement contractors are the best option for this purpose. Three builder company are experts in shopping mall reinstatement Singapore. This may include restoring of windows, doors, cabinets, floor, ceiling roof, etc. in its original shape. These services also cover repair service in electric or plumbing lines. Three building construction is the best renovation and reinstatement company based in Singapore. We have years of experience to restore your shop in its original shape at very affordable rates. We take pride in working with a team of professionals who are very skilled and can perform a reinstatement job with perfection. We provide a clear quotation to our customers and inform them of any unexpected cost of the project. We also offer reselling service of your current furniture and accessories.

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