Temporary Occupation Permit & Certificate of Statutory Completion

Landed Renovation Property

When rebuilding a landed property in Singapore. Owners will need to know the 2 key terms when projects are completed. These 2 terms are Temporary Occupation Permit(TOP) and Certificate of statutory Completion (CSC).

From this chapter, we will explain more of these 2 terms of landed property owners.

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP):

Temporary permit issued by Building Construction Authority(BCA) to occupy the building when some of the building requirements are met:

  • Buildings built according to plans
  • Doors & Windows are in place
  • Sanitary Fixtures are installed
  • Safety Features are compiled.

Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC):

Issued by Building Construction Authority(BCA) once building requirements have been cleared by all relevant authority. CSC is tied to individual buildings and records can be retrieved from BCA’s website for a nominal fee.

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